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Beaupets Correction Chain Extra Heavy 3.5Mmx65Cm


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Correction Chain

?Quality Chrome Plated Correction Chains
?Please note: To be used for training only, do not leave on as collar
?Each Link and Ring are welded
?First size denotes thickness of chain link
?Made in Taiwan

?1.6mm x 35cm
?2.0mm x 50cm

?2.5mm x 40cm
?2.5mm x 45cm
?2.5mm x 50cm
?2.5mm x 55cm
?2.5mm x 60cm

?3.0mm x 60cm
?3.0mm x 65cm
?3.0mm x 70cm

Extra Heavy
?3.5mm x 50cm
?3.5mm x 65cm
?3.5mm x 70cm
?3.5mm x 75cm
?3.5mm x 80cm

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  • Shipping Weight: 0.25 kilos
  • Product Brand: Beau pets

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