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Avigrain Poultry AK Scratch Mix 20kg


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Scratch Mix

Scratch Mix is our original top selling supplemented grain diet.

Protein 12% min
Fat 4% min
Fibre 5% max
Salt _0.3%
Energy Mj/kg 3000 kCal/Kg as fed

Auntie Kate?s is FREE?
? Dust FREE
And always the best value for money!

? Happy Flock
? Good gut health
? Encourages foraging
? Natural alternative to manufactured feed

Daily feeding will vary depending on many factors such as the age and health of the hens, climate, the day length, the breed, access to free range pasture and whether they are molting. So there is no set rule. Expect to feed between 80-150g per day per bird.

Breakdown of the grains used in Auntie Kates poultry feeds:

Wheat, Com, Sorghum, Millets -The cheapest energy grains ? high in carbs but lower in protein than layers require.

Lupins, Peas ? Legumes high in plant proteins.

Canola, Safflower, Black and Grey Sunflower ? Oilseeds the birds love to eat plus high in fats and protein ? low in carbohydrate. Canola is a source of methionine.

15% Free Range Layer Pellets ? Contain vitamin and mineral premix, yolk colorant, do not contain antibiotics, growth promotant, hormones, RAM or urea.

Hi Protein Layer Crumble contains vitamin and mineral premix and a natural herbal coccidostat (Regano) which is ideal for mixed aged flocks as there is no withholding period.

Soluble Grits ? All our grain mixes have calcium carbonate or limestone chips which provide calcium for good shell structure.

Insoluble grits ? Grain mixes require grinding grits for digestion of whole or cracked grain in the gizzard. We use an insoluble shell grit plus birds will naturally pick our small stones while foraging.

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