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Aussie Lint Roller Medium


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Aussie Lint Roller Medium
Ergonomic, heavy-duty with 60 layers of Super Strength Adhesive

As seen on 7's Harry's Practice,TVSN & Danoz Direct and recommended by Vets & animal lovers nationally.

- super-wide tape
- hang hole in handle
- super strength adhesive
- highest quality materials
- free standing storage case
- bonus 20 layer mini lint roller
- ergonomic heavy duty design
- 'tear anywhere' white paper tape

effortlessly removes
- stubborn pet hair
- lint
- fluff
- highest quality materials
- dust
- sand
- cat litter
- dandruff
- biscuit crumbs
- glass fragments
- tissue lint on washed clothing
- many more forms of unwanted debris

Tape Layers: 60
Tape width: 10cm
Tape length: 8.6m

use on
- clothes
-bedding (human & animal)
- carpets
- lounges
- lamp shades
- vertical blinds
- car interiors
- billiard tables
- cat scratch poles
- fly screens

Our superior adhesion provides greater lint grabbing power to lift- the most stubborn tough-to-remove lint and pet hair where other products simply cannot.
You'll find it handy everywhere. Try one for the house, one for the car, one for the boat and one for your pet's travel bag.
Never leave your home covered in pet hair and lint again, this amazing household helper does it all! Whether you're cleaning your home, office, car, pool table, or your favourite clothing, it's a snap with the Aussie Lint Roller. It's perfect for removing, pet hair, cat litter, lint, fluff, dust, loose threads, crumbs, sand and glass fragment from just about anywhere. It even cleans difficult surfaces such as lampshades, vertical blinds and fly screens.

How to use. Simply remove the protective case and cover sheet and roll the lint roller over the item you wish to clean. When the tape is full of debris and no longer sticky just peel it from the roll and tear it to reveal a fresh new sticky layer.

Refilling is easy. Simply push in the locking tabs and slide the used roll from the roller. Refilling is even easier; just push the new refill roll onto the roller until it locks into place.

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