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Aquael Platinium Glass Heater 200W for 130-200L Tanks


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The PLATINIUM glass heaters feature a high-precision electronic thermostat. Temperature can be set in the range between 20 and 33?C and maintained with an accuracy of 0.5?C or better. The heater has a ceramic heat sink and a built-in electronic thermometer. Intuitive temperature adjustment makes it easy to use.

PLATINIUM HEATER is an innovative glass heater produced by AQUAEL. It is equipped with a high-precision electronic thermostat. Temperatures can be set in the range between 20 and 33 ?C and are maintained with an accuracy of 0.8 ?C (+/-0,4 ?C). The heater boasts the ONE TOUCH system for intuitive temperature adjustment, a ceramic heat sink, and an embedded electronic thermometer. Each specimen undergoes computer-assisted testing at AQUAEL?s laboratory. Since the thermostat is fully electronically controlled, these heaters, unlike other commercially available products, do not have any mechanical contacts or other wear-prone moveable parts. This guarantees a long, failure-free service life for maintaining optimal thermal conditions in the tank. The PLATINIUM HEATER line includes 8 models, with power ranging from 25 to 300 W.

Product advantages:

a wide-range, high-precision electronic thermostat (+/- 0.4 ?C)
the thermostat is fully electronically controlled, which means that there are no failure-prone mechanical parts
indication of the current temperature of water in the tank
easily readable indication of the set temperature
each specimen undergoes computer-assisted testing and calibration at AQUAEL?s laboratory to ensure precision and safety of operation

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