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Aquael Aquajet PFN Salt/Fresh Water 10000


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he high-capacity garden pumps AQUAJET PFN 10000 PLUS, PFN 15000 PLUS, PFN 20000 PLUS and PFN 25000 PLUS are designed to pump water in garden ponds and ornamental ponds, fountains, cascades, and backyard swimming pools. They can also be used for other purposes, such as gardening, household works, agriculture, animal and fish farming, construction, etc. AQUAJET PFN PLUS pumps are resistant to salt water.

Mode of operation

The AQUAJET PFN PLUS garden pump is equipped with a modern energy-efficient engine. It is perfectly suited to serve as the drive of large filters, high cascades and waterfalls, and wide streams. The pump can be used to create superb fountain effects in medium-sized and large garden ponds. The ceramic rotor axis virtually does not wear, which guarantees a long life cycle of the pump. Note that although the pump may be fully submerged in the water or placed outside the water reservoir, it must always be positioned below the water level. The mechanical pre-filter reduces the need for cleaning. AQUAJET PFN PLUS garden pumps are protected against overheating.

Despite its relatively small size, the pump ensures a high flow rate and water head. Thanks to the simple and handy design, its maintenance will not cause any difficulty.

AQUAJET PFN PLUS pumps are equipped with an electronic pump controller. In case of particularly difficult operating conditions (e.g. rotor stoppage, impeded rotation of the rotor, clogged inlet or outlet), the controller will stop the pump and then will repeatedly retry to start it up. If the pump cannot start normally, it should be switched off and cleaned.

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