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Zoetis Simparica

Keeping your dog safe from fleas and ticks is one of the most important things you can do to keep him healthy. These pests can cause misery and lead to several kinds of harmful diseases. Simparica for dogs is an effective weapon that keeps pesky fleas and ticks away - all year long.
Simparica is a once-a-month chewable with a taste that dogs like. Each dosage protects your dog for a full 35 days before requiring the next treatment. The tablets work by killing fleas before they can lay eggs. This prevents the pests from multiplying and turning into an infestation. Just give your dog Simparica like a treat. There’s no need to give it with a full meal like other oral flea treatments.
Simparica for dogs also treats and controls ticks including Lonestar ticks, American dog ticks, Gulf Coast ticks, brown dog ticks, and black-legged ticks. The treatment is safe and effective for puppies aged 6 months and older which weigh 1.27kg or more. Simparica works by travelling in your dog’s blood to all areas of the skin and fur. There are some possible side effects, including vomiting and diarrhea. 
You should administer Simparica every month. It is important to treat all dogs and cats in your household with a flea control product. While Simparica is formulated specifically for dogs, you will find effective flea and tick control products for cats at Stefmar. Most pets require treatment year round. While there are fewer fleas and ticks during the colder months, there are still enough to pose a threat to your pets.
Fleas and ticks continue to grow as a health hazard to dogs and their human companions. It only takes one infected tick or flea to cause a serious illness or even death to your pet. Simparica for dogs helps protect you and your pet all year long - find the range online. 
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