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Hygiene is instrumental when it comes to taking care of pet birds. Stefmar, Australia’s best equipped pet store offers a wide range of Vetafarm products to maintain the utmost level of hygiene in brooders, incubators and cages. Vetafarm Avicare Concentrate contains a potent hospital grade disinfectant that eliminates all major threats. For all external parasites like lice or ants, Avian Insect Liquidator is key, a safe and effective insecticide recommended for all avian species. Also available at Stefmar is Vetafarm Aviclens, it improves the water quality, keeping it clean and safe while at the same time fighting the "Grunge Syndrome".

Since 1992, Stefmar has been building its reputation by offering high quality products and excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable staff are available to you both before and after purchase. You can reach us over the phone or email for any additional questions you might have concerning the product you have purchased.

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