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Simple Solution

Watching your furry friend making mess over and over again can sometimes be frustrating. Well, with Stefmar, all your worries are finally brought to an end. We have a simple solution for you and that is Simple Solution itself. As one of its leading suppliers, Stefmar stocks the widest range of Simple Solution products. We suggest you pay special attention to Pee Post Yard Stake, specifically designed to encourage pets to urinate in a specific area of a lawn. The pheromones that are encapsulated in a plastic stake are supposed to release the scent continuously for several month. However, if your pet still makes mess, you can also take a look at Oxy Charged Stain Odor Remover, which will eliminate all smells and stains in just a few seconds.

Whether you want to train your pet to go at the same spot in the yard or you want to remove all unpleasant smells, Simple Solution is your perfect choice. All you need to do is to visit Stefmar, Australia’s premium pet store, today and choose the product you like the most.

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