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Whenever you are in need of a quality impeller pump, pond/tank master or a sponge, Sedra is the best solution for you. Striving to provide its customers with cutting-edge products only, Sedra proved to be the first choice among millions of satisfied users. In its enviable selection, you can find premium quality pond and tank masters of all sizes, from 600L to 7200L. Among the multitude of Sedra’s sensational products, you can find the impeller set and sponges that can be used in various sorts of tanks and ponds.

With Sedra, your fish will have true royal treatment every day. All you need to do is to visit Stefmar today and choose the Sedra product that meets all needs of your tank or pond. For more information on our prices, services or products,, feel free to contact our expert staff today.

Featured Products

Monthly Specials For July

Hills Prescription Diet Canine u/d 12.5kg
$176.99  $141.59
Save  20.00%

Snooza Pole Cover 70Cm Grey
$22.49  $19.12
Save  15.00%

Kong Cat Wubba Hugger Catnip
$10.99  $9.34
Save  15.00%

Snooza Futon Cover Mini - Green
$13.99  $11.89
Save  15.00%

Kong Cat Moppy Kickeroo
$8.99  $7.64
Save  15.00%

Kong Classic Red XLarge
$27.49  $23.37
Save  15.00%

Snooza Futon Cover Original - Green
$17.99  $15.29
Save  15.00%

Snooza Cuddler Brown - Medium
$77.49  $65.87
Save  15.00%

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