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Purina pet life products are designed for easy transport of your pet. Purina crates are a comfortable solution for your pet to ensure that the often difficult travel period is made as simple as possible.

Purina pet life products also come in a range of sizes so you can select the right sized crate for your animal to ensure they have enough room for movement and don't feel constricted while travelling.

In addition to being comfortable for your pet, the range of crates is also entirely collapsible so while not in use the crates can be easily stored in the garage or a closet without taking up excessive amounts of space.

Purina have gone to great lengths to ensure a high quality product so you can shop confidently know that you'll be getting a long lasting crate suitable for use for years to come.

Featured Products

Monthly Specials For June

Kong Cat Refillables Feather Top Carrot
$8.99  $7.64
Save  15.00%

Felix Cat 12x85g Adult Poultry Menus
$11.49  $10.34
Save  10.00%

Snooza Bed Buddy Large Silver/Black Paw
$121.49  $103.27
Save  15.00%

Meals For Mutts Dog Salmon Sardine 20Kg
$129.99  $103.99
Save  20.00%

Iams Dog Light Sterilised 3kg
$25.99  $22.09
Save  15.00%

Snooza Futon Cover Original - Blue
$17.99  $15.29
Save  15.00%

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