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Pet Loo

Are you are tired of trying out dozens of pet care sanitising products that, in the end, disappoint you? Then, Pet Loo is the perfect solution for you. Here at Stefmar, we take pride in making the widest array of disinfection products available to you. In our comprehensive selection, you can find all Pet Loo products, from Critter Care Enzyme Cleaning Solution, Kitty Care Enzyme Cleaning Solution and Pet Loo Puppy Pack to Liquid Ate Enzyme Cleaning Solution, Pupcare Enzyme Cleaning Solutions and Whiff Off Enzyme Cleaning Solution. It doesn’t matter if you own a dog, a cat or a small animal, Pet Loo is your most reliable partner in sanitising all pet habitats, eliminating stains and odours, as well as breaking down the proteins and fats that are found in your small pet’s faeces, vomit, saliva and urine.

With over 23 years of extensive experience, Stefmar prides itself in being recognised as one of the Australia’s leading pet stores. For more questions, contact us today!

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