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Passwell has the best bird feed to keep your pet happy and healthy. It’s never been easier to ensure your pet bird has the best possible nutrition. At Stefmar, we are dedicated to providing an incredible range of Passwell pet supplies to keep your bird healthy. The Passwell range has a great selection of feed rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for budgies, canaries & parrots. To keep your bird full of energy and happily chirping, make sure you feed them Passwell for protein, calcium and vitamins. Browse the full range today!

The first class bird feed is Passwell. There’s simply no better bird feed and our loyal customers at Stefmar have long chosen Passwell for their pet budgies, canaries and parrots. Stefmar offers only the highest quality product at the most competitive prices on the market. Visit us instore or browse the full Passwell range today!