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The right water temperature in your fish tank is the key to your pet’s long and healthy life. At Stefmar, Australia’s top pet store, you will find an extensive selection of essential equipment for your pet fish. Orca Aquarium Heaters are a great example of high quality water heaters that we have to offer you here at Stefmar. They are safe and suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fish and have an adjustable temperature. Furthermore, Stefmar enables you to choose your Orca Aquarium Heaters based on the volume of your tank. Another amazing product from Orca that can be found at Stefmar is LED Aquarium Lighting, which provides great lighting with a wave effect and comes with the new, easy to use touch light control.

These and many more high-quality products for fish owners can be found at very affordable prices at Stefmar. Visit us today and don’t let yourself miss out on amazing deals!