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Ocean Nutrition

Looking for high quality, reliable brine eggs for your fish? No other brand of shrimp eggs hatch as consistently as Ocean Nutrition. Each package from Ocean Nutrition contains Artemia Nauplii, which have a 90% hatch percentage. Within 18-30 hours, your baby brine shrimp will hatch, providing the ideal live food for your marine and freshwater tropical fish or invertebrates. Ocean Nutrition sources their products from the Great Salt Lake, plus, with a hatch or money back guarantee, you can always trust the quality. Buy Ocean Nutrition baby brine shrimp today and save with Stefmar!

Ocean Nutrition shrimp eggs are ideal for reef tanks and baby fish. With an innovative package that assures close to 100% hatching, your fish will be swimming happily. They won’t even know they’re in captivity with their live feed. With an easy to follow instruction set, your fish will be healthier than ever. Buy Ocean Nutrition today!