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Meals for Mutts

You know your pet is part of the family and that proper nutrition is the best way to keep your pet healthy and with you for years to come.

Meals for mutts is Australian-made natural and organic pet food. It is specially formulated to provide complete, balanced nutrition for dogs and cats of all ages. Our food is specialised to be hypoallergenic for sensitive dogs and cats, and was created to be the perfect alternative to a prescription diet.

If your dog suffers from diabetes or urinary tract and kidney problems, a special prescription diet is often recommended. The same is true if your pet is obese, or suffers from liver, heart, or brain problems. You can save on prescription diet food with our holistic remedy CN Vital diet. It is rich in minerals and amino acids and will keep your pet healthy and feeling good.

Meals for Mutts puppy food is a complete and balanced diet for your growing puppy. The rich proteins and omegas in each serving guarantee your puppy will have the very best start in life.

For the cat companions in your life, your cat will love Meals for Mutts cat food. Its superior absorption means more nutrients are taken into their system, leading to a healthy, happy cat.

Meals for Mutts dog food, Meals for Mutts puppy food, and Meals for Mutts cat food are all made with premium ingredients that promote healthy skin and coat to reduce odours naturally.

Keep your pet healthy and pain free. Meals for Mutts pet food aids immune system function and keeps joints healthy. It’s hypoallergenic with no irradiation or fumigation.

Whether you have a cat, a dog, or both, Meals for Mutts gluten and grain-free holistic formula will keep your pet living a long and happy life.