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Lucky Dog

Is your dog bored with the same old treats? Why not switch it up a bit and get your hands one of famous Lucky Dog Bone products on offer at Stefmar, Australia's best equipped pet store. Lucky Dog Bone treats come in two tasty flavours, original and beef. What sets them apart is that they are a great option for maintaining your dog's breath fresh while, at the same time, keeping its teeth clean. Lucky Dog Bones are made from a selection of healthy ingredients which are then slowly baked in an oven to give them that desired crunchy taste that your dog will enjoy.

Ever since its was established in 1992, Stefmar has been setting the highest pet industry standards when it comes to product quality and customer service. Visit us or contact us via mail or phone. We are always at your disposal!

Featured Products

Monthly Specials For October

Eukanuba Dog Puppy Small Breed 3Kg
$38.49  $30.79
Save  20.00%

Fussy Cat Litter 5Kg
$5.99  $5.39
Save  10.00%

Iams Dog Adult Large Breed 12Kg
$80.49  $64.39
Save  20.00%

Feliway For Cats Refill 48ml
$42.99  $36.54
Save  15.00%

Hills Feline Adult Perfect Weight 3.17kg
$52.50  $42.00
Save  20.00%

Dermcare Pyohex Conditioner 100ml
$11.99  $10.19
Save  15.00%

Iams Dog Puppy & Junior Large Breed 12Kg
$76.99  $61.59
Save  20.00%

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