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Food on the go for your pet lizard, not a problem! Stefmar has just the right product for you. Lee's Kricket Keeper serves both as a carrier and as a habitat for crickets, one of the favourite types of food for lizards, amphibians and birds. The Keeper can house up to 30 medium sized crickets for more than 7 days. It consists of black textured cylinders that perform as combination refuge/dispenser tubes, which can be easily removed to enable feeding. Another great Lee’s product available at Stefmar that can has proven useful is Lee’s Ultra Gravel Vac. As an easy to use and affordable gravel vacuum cleaner, it is specifically designed to remove debris from the aquarium beds during water cleaning procedures. It comes in several sizes which are guaranteed to fit your individual needs.

Most importantly, they are all available at Stefmar, the best equipped pet store in Australia. For more information, feel free to contact us today!