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Kong toys are the gold standard of toys for pets who like to chew and play. Kong dog toys like the Kong Classic are made of strong rubber that stands up to the roughest chewers. There’s even more to love with dog toys that make the most of your dog’s play time. Stuff the Kong Classic with Kong treats to keep your dog engaged. It bounces in unpredictable ways to make every game of fetch more challenging. It also comes in a range of sizes, so there’s one that’s just right for your dog’s breed.
A Kong ball does a lot more than just bounce, though! Kong offers a wide range of styles to entertain your pet and keep them occupied all day long. Choose a Kong ball with rope for games of fetch and tug. There’s also the Airdog Squeakair ball with robe that combines a tennis ball with a squeaker toy and strong rope. All three are favourites combined in a single toy. You can also purchase the Kong Squeakair ball separately or opt for a squeaking football with the Airdog Football with squeaker. You will also find the perfect Kong ball toy to hold your dog’s favourite Kong treats.
Kong toys aren’t just for dogs. Indoor cats will benefit from toys like the Kong Cat Wobbler. It entertains, provides a place to hide treats, and increases your cat’s mental and physical stimulation. Cats can get bored quite easily and need to be constantly stimulated, so give them something to keep them entertained while at home alone all day. 
Kong combines cute and entertaining designs with aromatic herbs and catnip to encourage your cat to engage in play. There’s also cat scratchers and enticing critters that will make your cat want to pounce.
No other toy brand has the same recognition for making pet toys as Kong. Search for the perfect Kong dog toys and cat toys to give your pet the entertainment and stimulating play it needs.

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