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Doggi Dog Toy Fly and Float Small/Puppy


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Brightly coloured and easy for dogs and owners Ideal weight for carrying,
Super durable to withstand light to heavy chewing sessions,
Our patented designs are suitable for dogs of all sizes, by offering mental and physical stimulation whilst meeting a dogs? instinctive need to play.

Good bouncebackability
Great to throw and bounce with springy material benefits for added fun.

Virtually indestructable
Tough TPR withstands even the most rigorous of playtimes.

100% recyclable
Fully recyclable, the best at playtime and the best for the environment.

Great for dental health
Medium bite is ideal for dental health and strengthening teeth.

100% safe and non-toxic
Absolutely safe for dogs, TPR is non-toxic, lead, BPA and phthalate chemical-free.

So many ways to play
Perfect for chasing, tugging, throwing, catching and carrying.

Made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), an ideal material for all types of play due to many beneficial properties including:

Good tear and abrasion resistance
High impact strength
Outstanding resistance to weathering
Fully recyclable

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