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Pill-O-POP Easy Pet Pill Doser


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Pet Piller Is The Perfect Tool To Save Your Fingers When Administering Tablets And Stops Your Pet From Chewing Or Spitting Out Medication

If you struggle to give your pet their regular worming tablet or medication, then this product is for you!
This easy-to-use device makes dosing your pets much faster, easier and safer for you and your pet
Great to prevent your fingers from getting bitten when trying to administer with your hands
Allows you to deliver the medication at the back of your pet?s throat and stops your pet from chewing or spitting the tablet out

Product features:

finger grips for easy application
soft and gentle rubber end
easy dispensing mechanism for fast dosing

Recommended by veterinarians
Ideal for cats and dogs

How it works:

Place tablet or capsule in prongs of blue rubber end
Place fingers on finger grooves
Gentle open your pets mouth using your free hand with index and thumb
Push trigger at opposite end of piller devise to dipense pill at back of the throat.
Gently hold the pets mouth closed and tickle under the chin to ensure they have swallowed

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