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Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System


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Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System

Train your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less. The Litter Kwitter is the award-winning 3-Step Training System designed to train cats to use a human toilet and thereby rid the house of an unhygienic litter tray. Sound weird? Well, not if you're the one dealing with the litterbox twice per day - picking out the dirt and rinsing the drenched litter into the basin. In fact, Litter Kwitter users claim their homes have never been so clean! No more mess, no more germs, no more smells, no more hassle! The Litter Kwitter and the training protocol were developed with animal behaviorists, vets and cat breeders to make sure they work with the cat's natural instincts. A happy cat is a successful cat and a great companion!

Litter Kwitter Includes:
A universal base plate (a special kind of toilet seat that fits all standard toilets)
Three training disks (red, amber and green)
A comprehensive instruction booklet
30-minute DVD with step-by-step training directions you can see
The Litter Kwitter is compatible with standard toilet seats measuring 9.75 inches to 15 inches wide. The Litter Kwitter will fit any length of toilet seat however elongated seats will have a slight gap at the back that will not affect training. The Litter Kwitter is constructed from the same material as a fire fighter's hard hat so it can support even the heaviest cats. Works for multi-cat households with the Litter Kwitter Multi Kat Kit (sold separately).

Features & Benefits:
Strong & sturdy to support the weight of any size cat
Reusable training discs for cats that don't learn in an orderly fashion (i.e. all of them!). You can redo each stage as many times as it takes & retrain cats that move houses etc.
Can be fitted & removed in 5 seconds (if you need to share the toilet)
No tools required to fit the Litter Kwitter
Fits most standard toilets
Training developed with cats in mind - with animal psychology & behavior experts, vets and cat breeders

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