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Ezydog Leash Track N Train Black


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Train your Dog with this Extra Long Leash!

The Track n Train Leash is an extra long 5 metre training aid. Teach your dog to stay near you on walking. Great for general training, recall training and tracking
Rubber LokGrip? Webbing

This Leash is made from our ultra-grippy Rubber Lokgrip? Webbing, meaning that you can quickly and comfortably grab hold of any section of the leash or stand on it with your foot.
Traffic Control

This extra handle is positioned near your dog?s collar giving you quick and secure control of your dog when required
Anti-Snag Handle

The tail of the leash is not looped to prevent snagging during training or cross country walks
Carbon Coated Snap Clip

All the hardware used on the leash is coated so is completely corrosion resistant and will not rust.

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