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Ezydog Car Seatbelt Attachment


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Travel in Style with the EzyDog Car Restraint!

The EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint is designed to keep your pup in one place during car journeys
Eliminates In-Car Distractions!

Road trips can be a blast, but not when your dog is climbing all over the passengers! This Seat Belt Restraint attaches to the D-Ring of your dog's harness to keep them restrained, whilst still letting them sit or lay down comfortably.
Fits any Size!

All our harnesses have stainless steel D-Rings, so can all be used in conjunction with the Seat Belt Restraint quickly and comfortably.

This product is designed to be used with an EzyDog harness to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion. Do not use if damaged!

Easy attachment to your EzyDog harness
Keep your dog in one place, minimizing driver distraction
Lets your dog sit or lay down comfortably

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