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What is the difference about Prime100 Diets?

Prime100 carefully selects functional ingredients which provide health promoting benefits. We choose ingredients based on health, nutrition and the benefit of treating certain indications to ensure pet parents are getting the nutritious food they are looking for.

Complete and Balanced

Prime100 meets the standards set by the three nutrition governing bodies i.e. AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), FEDIAF (Fédération Européenne De L’industrie Des Aliments Pour Animaux Familiers – The European standard) and NRC (National Research Council – Canada).

Single Protein Diets

Why Single Protein Diets (SPD)

Leaders in pet nutrition recommend Single Protein Diets and Limited Ingredient Diets to help eliminate potential allergens. SPD rolls offer a rich single source of protein which can assist dogs (and cats) with food sensitivities. SPD rolls are considered low allergen due to the animal being exposed to one single protein.


Prime100 choose novel proteins like kangaroo, turkey, lamb, duck, salmon, crocodile and wild boar for their limited antigen properties.

Cross-reactivity in allergic reactions can occur when one protein is similar to another protein. For example, if there is an allergy to chicken, there may also be a reaction to turkey. Cross-reactivity may also result if an animal is fed multiple proteins simultaneously. For example, if the animal is fed a non-reactive or novel protein (e.g. crocodile) along with a reactive protein (e.g. beef/liver treats) an allergic reaction may occur to both proteins.

Protein rotation is really about variety. If consistently fed the same food, some pets may develop an allergy or intolerance to common ingredients (e.g. chicken, beef etc.). Rotation feeding reduces this risk because the ingredients are not present long enough for the animal to develop an adverse reaction. Prime100 aims to mimic the natural diet i.e. one protein present at any one meal.

Human quality ingredients
We only use human quality consumption ingredients. We only accept meat from human consumption facilities that are HACCP approved and auditable. We do not use any knackery meats in our diets.

NATA tested
NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) is the independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts. Prime100 frequently test all rolls with NATA to ensure the strictest quality control measures are taken. This testing offers clients the peace of mind that they are getting all of the ingredients (protein DNA), macro and micro-nutrients as printed in the guaranteed analysis.