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Have you been struggling with reducing your dog's barking? Does it upset you and your neighbours and keep you up all night? Even though barking is the most natural thing in the world, sometimes peace and quiet is all you need, and we here at Stefmar have just the product for you. What you can find in our stock is Husher Elastic Train Muzzle, a 100% humane way to stop your dog barking. Made from stretchable elastic, it puts pressure around the snout and makes the muscles get tired faster, but still allows your pet to breathe, eat and drink with ease. Made from top quality elastics, we guarantee that Husher Elastic Train Muzzle will serve you and your dog for many years.

What makes Stefmar the most reputed pet care store in Australia is its rich history and enviable experience. We strive to give you and your pet the better offer and assure you we have the lowest prices on the market.

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