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Holistic Select

If you are on the hunt for the healthiest and most nutritious food for your pet, look no further than Holistic Select products. What sets them apart from competitors is the unique Digestive Health Support System that includes active probiotics digestive enzymes and 100% healthy fibre. Australia's premium pet care store, Stefmar, offers a wide range of Holistic Select products, such as Eagle Pack Holistic Select Cat in a number of different flavours, from anchovy, chicken and rice, duck oatmeal to salmon, shrimp and tuna fish. We guarantee your pet is bound to love any of the Holistic Select foods, and feel and look better in no time.

Ever since its establishment, Stefmar has been striving to give both you and your furry friend the better offer. We take pride in our rich product range and highly affordable prices. Visit us today and do not miss out on an amazing offer.

Featured Products

Monthly Specials For July

Hills Prescription Diet Feline s/d 1.8kg
$49.49  $39.59
Save  20.00%

Hills Prescription Diet Feline r/d 3.9kg
$79.99  $63.99
Save  20.00%

Kong Cat Active Chase Craze
$10.99  $9.34
Save  15.00%

Kong Cat Glide n Seek
$48.99  $41.64
Save  15.00%

KONG EZ Clear Collar Small
$13.49  $11.47
Save  15.00%

Kong Cat Active Scratch Apple
$14.49  $12.32
Save  15.00%

Kong Cat Active Eight Track
$29.99  $25.49
Save  15.00%

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