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Fussy Cat

A number of responsible pet owners will confirm that crystals, clumping clay, corn, wheat and paper based litter products are a thing of the past. For all of those who keep their dogs, cats, birds and guinea pigs indoors, Fussy Cat produces litter of incomparable quality. At Stefmar you will find packages of Fussy Cat Litter at enviably low prices. Fussy Cat Litter contains natural materials without any added chemicals, thus making it a 100% eco-friendly product. What makes Fussy Cat Litter unique on the market is the fact that it has natural odour control properties so you do not have to worry about unpleasant smells any more. Its superior absorption quality is what makes it the best litter on the market.

For over 20 years Stefmar has been receiving nothing but words of praise from its loyal customers. Our top quality products, low prices and professional staff are what sets us apart from our competitors. Visit us today!

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