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For pet care products of exceptional quality, visit Stefmar, Australia's leading pet care shop. We pride ourselves on stocking only products from industry's leading names such as Fidos. In our stock, you will stumble upon the Gourmet Diner - feeders that come in various sizes ranging from 3.5L to 11L. As these feeders regulate the amount of food that is served to your pet, you can leave your home for work and rest assured that your pet will receive regular meals. Besides feeders, Stefmar also offers customers Fauna Jungle Coconut Shell Peat Fibre. This substrate made from 100% coconut shell peat fibre maintains humidity levels in a terrarium, providing your pet snake with more comfortable living conditions.

For first-class pet care products, look no further than Stefmar Pet Care store. We make sure that we provide our loyal customers with the most competitive prices on the market. Visit one of our physical stores today or browse our online offering now!