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Elanco Milbemax

Milbemax Allwormer For Cats 2-8kg 2 Tablets
$22.49  $19.12
Save  15.00%

Milbemax Allwormer For Cats 2-8kg 20 Tablets
$221.49  $188.27
Save  15.00%

<p>Mibemax is a treatment against a huge range of intestinal parasites in your pet. Mibemax stands out from the competition as unlike many other brands, Mibemax for cats and Mibemax for dogs only requires dosage once every three months.</p> <p>Mibemax allwormer is even safe enough for use on puppies and can be used on any dog older than 2 weeks of ages (and over 500g).</p> <p>We actively stock a range of Mibemax products and choosing the right product is as simple as selecting the packet that matches your pets weight. Options include:<br/> - Cats .5kg - 2kg (available in 2 and 20 packs)<br/> - Cats 2kg - 8kg (available in 2 and 20 packs)<br/> - Dogs .5kg - 5kg (available in 2 and 50 packs)<br/> - Dogs Over 5kg (available in 2 and 50 packs)</p> <p>With easy oral administration you'll find that it's never been simpler to give your pets the medication they need to keep fit for years to come.</p> <p>Look here for more information on <a href="https://shop.stefmar.com.au/dogs-cats/flea-tick-worming">Dog Worming & Cat Worming</a></p>
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