Interceptor Chews Dog 11-22Kg Medium Yellow 6 Pack


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Interceptor is a convenient and simple way to protect your dog against heartworm and the major intestinal worms. One delicious beefy flavoured tablet once a month is all it takes to give your dog a lifetime of protection against even the most dangerous worms. Interceptor guarantees to completely prevent heartworm and control hookworm, roundworm and whipworm in your dog.

Interceptor comes in a variety of formulas for different size dogs:
Interceptor Brown - for dogs 0-4kg (1-9lbs)
Interceptor Green - for dogs 4-11kg (9-22lbs)
Interceptor Yellow - for dogs 11-22kg (24-48 lbs)
Interceptor White - for dogs 22-45kg (48-100lbs)

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