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Want to keep your reptiles or birds healthy and fed? Dolittle has a great range of frozen rat, rabbit and frozen mice varieties. Perfect for monitor lizards, pythons, blue tongues, kookaburras and other birds of prey. Conveniently packaged in a variety of sizes and ages, the frozen mice & frozen rats from Dolittle are perfect for storage. Each product from the Dolittle range offers different nutritional benefits. So there is always something to suit your lizard, snake or bird. Be sure to check each individual Dolittle product before you purchase to make sure it is the right one for your pet. Browse the full range to find the perfect frozen rats, mice & rabbits from Dolittle today!

Do you want a fast, easy and hygienic way to get the right food for your bird, snake or lizard? Dolittle has a great selection of sealed, frozen rabbits, rats & mice. Perfect for feeding your pet animal with minimal hassle. Stefmar offers the full range of Dolittle products at the lowest prices, so shop the full range today!

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Monthly Specials For February

Kong Quest Foragers Flower PE22
$21.99  $18.69
Save  15.00%

Frontline Spray For Dogs & Cats 100ml
$33.49  $28.47
Save  15.00%

Heartgard Plus Dog 6Pack Green 12-22Kg
$42.99  $36.54
Save  15.00%

Heartgard Plus Dog 6Pack Brown 23-45Kg
$49.49  $42.07
Save  15.00%

Revolution Cat & Dog 0-2.5Kg Pink 3Pk
$42.49  $36.12
Save  15.00%

Heartgard Plus Dog 6Pack Blue 0-11Kg
$36.99  $31.44
Save  15.00%

Dermcare Pyohex Conditioner 200ml
$19.99  $16.99
Save  15.00%

Dermcare Pyohex Medicated Shampoo 500ml
$28.49  $24.22
Save  15.00%

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