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Treats | Rewards

Cat and Dog Treats

Dog treats and cat treats are a nice way to reward your pet with something they will love. There are many flavours available all have been specially formulate to cater to the palates of cats and dogs, offering premium flavour and maximum quality.

Both cat and dog treats are ideal for use when training your pet as they can help to reinforce positive behaviour but can also be used to spoil your pet because even they deserve to feel special sometimes!

Within the range there are sticks, bones, jerkys and more and all come in multi packs so that when it’s time give them a special treat, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

ITT Fishskin Bar 150g
In Stock

Jerhigh 100G Chicken Tender
OOS ETA 3-5 days

Jerhigh 100G Salmon Sticks
OOS ETA 3-5 days

Jerhigh 200G Chicken Tender
OOS ETA 3-5 days

Kazoo Chew Bites 300G
In Stock

Kazoo Chew Bites 600g
In Stock

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