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Coprice dog food is the perfect thing for man’s best friend. Coprice Dog Food comes in convenient 20kg bags so you don’t have to keep reordering time & time again. Both family and working dogs need a healthy nutritious diet to stay healthy, active, free of disease and happy every day. Coprice dog food comes in two fantastic varieties packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. For the best dog food, shop the Coprice range today from Stefmar and save!

Coprice has two varieties that your dog will love. Perfect for house pets and working dogs. Each variety is tailored to the dietary needs of your best friend to keep them healthy, happy and active. CoPrice family 20kg with chicken, rice, kelp & garlic is perfect for family pets. The Coprice working dog food is made of chicken, beef and rice. Full of energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. To keep your dog full, healthy and fed. There’s no better dog food than Coprice. Buy today from Stefmar and save on dog food.

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