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Comfortis Plus

Instant protection for your dog against fleas, worms, and other parasites
We love our dogs and want to do our very best to protect them from the parasites that can affect them, including fleas and worms. These can cause extreme irritation and discomfort for your pet. In the worst cases, they can lead to serious illness and even prove fatal. That’s why you need an effective and fast-acting treatment that protects your furry friend from the dangers of parasites.
Comfortis Plus (Panoramis) is a monthly treatment that offers dogs all the protection they need from common and dangerous parasites including:
  • Fleas
  • Heartworm
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Whipworm
It comes in the form of handy chewable tablets, which are easy for your dog to take. They are fast acting, getting to work killing fleas and internal parasites within just 30 minutes of your dog taking the tablet.
One tablet will keep your dog protected against these parasites for a whole month. It will also prevent fleas from recurring within that time. This allows your dog to recover and relieves the itching and skin irritation that can be caused by flea bites.
The right treatment for your dog’s breed
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so they need treatments that are appropriate for their size. Comfortis Plus Panoramis comes in a variety of different colour-coded packs including:
  • Panoramis brown for large dogs
  • Panoramis blue for medium-sized dogs
  • Panoramis orange for small dogs
With these and more varieties available, all you have to do is check your dog’s weight and find the appropriate pack for your pet to offer them all the protection they need. All varieties are safe for dogs of all ages, including puppies from as young as eight weeks of age.
Safe for the whole family
As Panoramis comes in tablet form, it gives you complete peace of mind that the treatment will have maximum effectiveness. It can’t be removed by your dog rubbing, scratching or getting wet. This also makes it safe for the other members of your family, as it can’t be transferred onto skin, clothes or furniture. Nobody in your home will come into contact with it, and your dog won’t have to be isolated while the treatment is working.
Your dog deserves the very best protection from the curveballs that nature throws. With Panoramis, your beloved pet can enjoy life to the full, remaining healthy, happy and safe. Fleas and internal parasites can make your dog's life a misery. Panoramis gives you peace of mind that you're doing the very best for your furry friend.
Shop the Comfortis Plus Panoramis range here, and get the right monthly protection for your dog.

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