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Free your cat or dog from the misery of fleas with Comfortis chewable tablets
When your cat or dog has fleas, they're uncomfortable. They can't be their normal playful selves. You want to help them in the best and most effective way you can to free them from the misery of fleas quickly and let them enjoy life again.
Comfortis for cats and dogs is an innovative and highly effective monthly flea treatment. It kills fleas quickly and helps to prevent them from returning. It acts fast, getting to work killing fleas within just 30 minutes. It will keep your beloved pet flea-free, happy and comfortable for a whole month.
Unlike many flea treatments, Comfortis is simple and safe to use. It comes in the form of chewable tablets with pet-pleasing flavours. It has never been so easy to get pets to take their medication; they will think of it as a treat! The tablets will easily mix in with your pet’s food, which ensures the treatment has maximum effectiveness.
Safe and tasty for your pet, safe for you
As it comes in tablet form, Comfortis for cats and dogs is completely safe for the human members of your family and any other pets you have. It won’t get on your hands or clothes so it can’t be spread. This also means it can’t be transferred onto your furniture or carpets, ensuring all the surfaces in your home remain safe and healthy for the whole family.
Choosing Comfortis is giving your pet the best chance of effective flea treatment. Unlike topical treatments, it can’t be washed, brushed or shaken off. This makes sure that your dog or cat gains the full benefit of the treatment every month.
It’s also extra-safe for your pet. Comfortis cat and dog ranges have different tablets available in colour-coded packaging to suit pets of different sizes and weights. It's so easy to find the product that’s appropriate for your dog or cat.
We believe no pet should have to be isolated just because they’re being treated for fleas – and you shouldn’t have to miss out on a single minute of play and enjoyment with your furry friend! That’s what makes Comfortis for dogs and cats an ideal choice.
Shop our Comfortis range here, and free your pet from the misery of fleas all year round.

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