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Ceva Dentipet Toothpaste 70g Beef Flavoured
$26.49  $22.52
Save  15.00%

Hate dog breath? So do we. At Stefmar, we want to keep your pups & kittens healthy, happy and with little odour as possible. With Ceva flavoured pet toothpaste your pet will be happy to have their teeth brushed. The dentipet beef & chicken pet toothpaste will have your pup & kitties smile healthy, free of plaque & tartar buildup. Plus,Stefmar now stocks Ceva antibacterial cream. To keep your pet infection free! Browse the full range at Stefmar today for fresh breath and happy pets!

Sometimes it seems like our pets are very good at getting themselves into mischief. If your pet has managed to hurt them self, then you need Ceva antibacterial cream. In a tub & tube, this cream is great for cuts, punctures & other sores. Plus, to avoid bad breath, gum disease and sore teeth you can get Ceva pet toothpaste at great prices. To keep your pet cat or dog happy & healthy. Shop the full range at Stefmar today!

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