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Canidae dog food and Canidae cat food are premium options for ensuring your pet gets the nutrition they need no matter their current stage of life. Canidae food products are all natural and don’t contain any wheat, soy, grain fractions, by-products or fillers. To further ensure quality for your pet Canidae use only ingredients from human grade producers.

Canidae comes in a range of both wet and dry foods and include high quality human grade meat where applicable. This ensures both a great taste and optimum nutrients and vitamins are supplied to your pet.

Candiae dog food has been formulated to be extremely pure and is created from all natural ingredients which further improves the taste and quality of all products. Canidae cat food is no different and both options come in a range of options so in addition to selecting based on flavour, you can select based on the size and lifestyle of your pet.

Browse through the selection available at Stefmar today and give your pet a taste of luxury!

Featured Products

Monthly Specials For April

Fidos Fresh Coat Spray 500ml
$29.99  $25.49
Save  15.00%

Fidos Pet Wipes Handy Pack 40S
$18.99  $16.14
Save  15.00%

Fidos Pyrethrin Shampoo 5L
$132.99  $113.04
Save  15.00%

Fidos Fresh Coat Spray 125ml
$15.49  $13.17
Save  15.00%

Fidos Aloe Vera Shampoo 250ml
$12.99  $11.04
Save  15.00%

Fidos Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate 125ml
$17.99  $15.29
Save  15.00%

Fidos Ultrasonic Gel 2.5L
$38.99  $33.14
Save  15.00%

Fidos Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate 5L
$224.99  $191.24
Save  15.00%

Fidos Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate 500ml
$49.99  $42.49
Save  15.00%

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