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Proper nutrition is the key to your puppy or kitten's health. Operating in the field of pet care for more than 20 years, Stefmar makes the widest range of nutritional supplements available to you. Our team of experts selects and tests every product before it finally hits the market. At our stores, you can find numerous leading brands, but we recommend that you take a look at Biolac Pink and Biolac Blue for kittens and puppies. A nutritionally complete milk replacer containing protein concentrate, animal fat, vegetable fat and many other vitamin and protein sources, Biolac will provide your little friend with all the nutrients for its growth.

Established in 1992, Stefmar has evolved into one of Australia's most prominent pet care stores. Regardless of the breed and age of your pet, we will always have a perfect solution for you. With our spotless history, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of products, low prices and premium quality. Visit us today and make sure you purchase the best product at the most reasonable price on the market!

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