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Bayer Advocate

Advocate offers complete parasite protection for your pet. With both advocate for dogs and advocate for cats available you'll be able to ensure the safety of your pet for years to come. Advocate dog treatment and advocate cat treatment are suitable for killing fleas at all stages of their life cycle and with the discomfort your pet feels when they host these nasty parasites they'll be thankful you took the time and effort to rid them. Advocate is useful for protecting your pet from both internal and external parasites and can be used as an effective treatment for heartworm, hookworm and ear mites. Keep your pet healthy and safe with Advocate! Advocate comes in a range of coloured coded packs and is available in both 3 and 6 packs. Advocate cat:- Up to 4kg (orange) -Over 4kg (purple) Advocate dog:<br/> - Up to 4kg (green)<br/> - 4kg - 10kg (blue)<br/> - 10kg - 25kg (red)<br/> - Over 25kg (grey)<br/> </p>
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