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API Accu Clear 120ml
In Stock

API Accu Clear 240ml
In Stock

API Melafix 118ml
In Stock

API Melafix 237ml
In Stock

API Melafix 473ml
In Stock

API PH Down 118ml
In Stock

API PH UP 118ml
In Stock

Bring the vivacity of underwater life into your aquarium with premium quality API products. If you are not certain what products are best for you, you can put your trust in Stefmar. As one of Australia’s leading and most trusted suppliers of pet-related products, Stefmar makes the widest range of API products available to you at the lowest prices on the market. At our outlets, you can find everything you need for your flawless aquarium, including API Accu-Cleaner, Algaefix For Tanks, Ammo Lock, Aquarium Salt, Bio-Chem Zorb, Freshwater Master Multi Test Kit, Goldfish Cleaner, Melafix, PH UP Professional Pack and PH Down.

Whenever you want to make your aquarium absolutely flawless, API is the perfect choice for you. All you need to do is to visit Stefmar today, browse our impressively wide selection, and purchase the premium quality products of your choice. For more information, contact our expert staff today or visit our easy-to-navigate site!

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