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Revolution Cat & Dog 0-2.5Kg Pink 3Pk
$35.99  $30.59
Save  $5.40 

Revolution Cat 2.6-7.5Kg Blue 3Pk
$39.49  $33.57
Save  $5.92 

Always Free ShippingRevolution Cat 2.6-7.5Kg Blue 6Pk
$73.99  $62.89
Save  $11.10 

Revolution Dog 10-20Kg Large Red 3Pk
$51.99  $44.19
Save  $7.80 

Always Free ShippingRevolution Dog 10-20Kg Large Red 6Pk
$97.49  $82.87
Save  $14.62 

Revolution Dog 2.6-5Kg Small Purple 3Pk
$44.49  $37.82
Save  $6.67 

Always Free ShippingRevolution Dog 2.6-5Kg Small Purple 6Pk
$84.49  $71.82
Save  $12.67 

Revolution Dog 20-40Kg Xlarge Green 3Pk
$55.99  $47.59
Save  $8.40 

Always Free ShippingRevolution Dog 20-40Kg Xlarge Green 6Pk
$105.49  $89.67
Save  $15.82 

Revolution Dog 5-10Kg Medium Brown 3Pk
$46.99  $39.94
Save  $7.05 

Always Free ShippingRevolution Dog 5-10Kg Medium Brown 6Pk
$89.99  $76.49
Save  $13.50 

Revolution for Dogs & Cats

Revolution for dogs and cats is one of the most trusted and popular brands to protect your cat and dog from internal and external parasites. Revolution is an easy to use remedy for your pets and with a pipette provided for easy application to the back of neck giving your dog or cat the medicine they need to stay comfortable has never been quicker or simpler.

Revolution for cats and dogs comes in a variety of coloured packs to make choosing the right product simple and easy. Colour coded packs correspond to the weight of your pet and you can easily ensure you're using the right product for your needs.

Shop for your Revolution products with us at Stefmar today and give your pets the protection they can can't give themselves!

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