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Vetafarm Origins Guinea Pig Diet 350G


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Product Description
Due to particular dietary requirements, such as a high demand for dietary vitamin C, Guinea pigs require a food that is specially formulated to suit their needs.
Vetafarm Guinea Pig Diet is a totally extrusion cooked complete diet for Cavies, including balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids and fortified with additional stabilised vitamin C to prevent deficiency disorders such as Scurvy.
- Balanced nutrition for optimum health and a long life
- Fortified with stabilised vitamin C, coated by a protective barrier to ensure that the fragile vitamin is only broken down after it has been ingested
- Extrusion cooked for better taste, easier digestion and improved safety.

Vitamin C fortified for Cavy health. Contains all the essential nutrients for fit healthy Cavies.

Product description: Completely balanced extruded pellet diet designed to meet the particular dietary needs of pet and breeding Guinea Pigs.

Recommended for: Guinea Pigs as a completely balanced diet

Also suitable for: Rabbits (with supplemented Fescue Hay)

Can Use With:?Fibre Rich Fescue or?Fresh Cut Lucerne Hay can be added to the diet on a daily basis for optimum fibre intake and to stimulate natural behaviour.

Key features: Completely balanced diet designed by vets. Contains stabilised vitamin C to prevent deficiencies such as scurvy. High in fibre and extrusion cooked for optimum digestive and dental health. Promotes long-term health and general vitality.

Active Constituents:
Min Crude Protein 18%
Min Fibre 12%
Crude Fat 4%
Salt (NaCl) 0.5%

Pack Size: 350g, 1.5Kg, 6Kg

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