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Vetafarm Crittacare Herbivore 350G


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Product Description
- Ideal force-feeding formula for sick or injured small herbivores.
- Nutritionally balanced
- Smooth, easily given formula
- Long shelf life
- Stabilised Vitamins

Should be used when sick or injured animals are not eating voluntarily.

Target Species: Herbivores, such as wombats, kangaroos, guineapigs and rabbits

Directions: Mix until a smooth formula of the desired consistency is achieved.
Feed via a tube or syringe.
Reconstitute the food by adding hot water to the mix and stirring with a fork.
Maintain regular feeds until the animal has resumed normal feeding
Small herbivores that are sick or injured are very difficult to force-feed. Critta Care herbivore is a nutritionally complete, high fibre formula for force-feeding. The prepared mixture flows easily through syringes and feeding tubes.

Approximate Analysis:
Crude Fibre: 23%
Crude protein: 12%
Crude fat: 3.5%
Vitamin C 1000mg/Kg
Vitamin A 8,000 IU/Kg

Soyabean, Soyabean Hulls, Alfalfa Leaf, Wheat, Vitamins, Minerals & Probotic

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