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Pisces Live Crickets Small Tub Approx 50


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Feed your bird or reptile clean and healthy insects to add variety to their diet. Pisces crickets are a nutritious, high protein food to suit a variety of animals.

What are the benefits?
Feeding your pet crickets is a natural alternative to processed flakes or manufactured food. Pisces enterprises ensures that their crickets are clean and disease free, ideal for feeding your pets. This food carries all the right nutrition they need and mimics a diet that your reptile would otherwise have living in the wild.

How many should I feed?
It's important that you only feed your pet one cricket at a time. This prevents them escaping and burrowing in your pet's habitat. Crickets can be refrigerated 5 minutes before feeding if desired. Feeding depends on the species of your pet. Check with your vet if you need information on feeding practices. Optimal feeding times are early in the morning and about an hour before sunset.

Pinhead crickets need to be stored with enough food and water to last them a week - this can be a small slice of carrot placed in their container. Keep them in a breathable container away from direct sunlight.

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