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Mpets Grow Cat Grass 70g


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This is a DIY grass kit consisting of wheat, barley and oat seeds. Cats love eating grass, and grow them in the comfort of your own home, knowing they are free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. Grass contains vitamins and folic acids and can aid in digestion. Use this as an occasional treat and snack.

Key Features

Safe, fibrous snack for your cat
Contains wheat, barley and oat seeds
Easy to grow indoors
Enhanced with vitamins and folic acid
Can aid in digestion and act as a laxative
Comes with vermiculite


1. Get a well sized bowl and place enough water in the bowl to cover the seedlings so they can absorb the moisture

2. Drain off excess water

3. Put the bowl in a light warm place, but avoid direct sunlight

4. Keep the seedlings moist by adding 1/2 a cup of water every 3-5 days

5. Drain excess water

6. Once grass reaches a height of 4-5cm it can be eaten directly

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