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Lickety Stik

Does your dog have a sweet tooth? Stefmar has a wide selection of tasty low calorie doggy treats that can satisfy even the most refined palates. Lickety Stik Treat for Dogs is a great treat for on-the-go owners. Coming in a form of a rollerball container, it is suitable for dogs of any age, puppies, middle aged and seniors. Another great feature of this product is that its energy value is only one calorie per every 10 licks. At Stefmar, you can find a great selection of Lickety Stik Treats that are suitable even for the pickiest eaters. From big beef to braised liver and savoury chicken, we are sure that your dog will find its favourite one.

For the last 23 years, Australia’s most famous pet shop, Stefmar has treated its customers and their owners to an unforgettable shopping experience. Our vast range of products and amazing competitive prices will keep you coming back for more.

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Monthly Specials For February

Hills Prescription Diet Feline t/d 1.5kg
$30.49  $24.39
Save  20.00%

Hills Prescription Diet Feline t/d 3kg
$50.99  $40.79
Save  20.00%

Hills Prescription Diet Canine l/d 6.5kg
$97.99  $78.39
Save  20.00%

Frontline Plus Cat Green 3Pack
$44.49  $37.82
Save  15.00%

Hills Prescription Diet Feline w/d 1.5kg
$37.99  $30.39
Save  20.00%

Paw Manuka Wound Gel 25g
$17.99  $15.29
Save  15.00%

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