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Elanco Comfortis

Comfortis for Dogs 6 Pack Blue 18.1-27Kg
$86.49  $73.52
Save  15.00%

Comfortis for Dogs 6 Pack Brown 27.1-54Kg
$89.49  $76.07
Save  15.00%

Comfortis is used to both kill fleas and help prevent further infestation. At Stefmar we want to be able to offer you the best range of Comfortis in Australia so that you can choose the right product for your pet. Comfortis for dogs comes in a chewable form so that you can easily give your dog the medicine it needs. While he may not be able to verbally thank you for the relief from the constant itching his attitude will show that appreciation.

Comfortis for dogs is suitable for use on dogs over 14 weeks of age and to select the right product for your pet simply weigh your dog and choose the appropriate colour from the range.

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