Whiskas 12x85g So Meaty Poultry Dishes (Chicken Duck Turkey)


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So Meaty
Poultry Dishes in Gravy
At the WHISKAS brand, we understand what your cat naturally needs, that's why every pouch is 100% complete
and balanced with quality meat for a delicious taste and texture that your cat will love.

Providing 100% of your Cat's daily nutrition.
? Zinc and a Natural Source of Omega 6 Fatty acid to help support a healthy skin and coat.
? Promotes urinary tract health through a high moisture diet that ensures adequate water intake.
? Enriched with calcium and phosphorus for maintaining strong bones and teeth.
? Quality protein to help maintain ideal body condition.
Pack Includes:

with Succulent Chicken

with Juicy Duck

with Tender Turkey

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  • Product Brand: Whiskas

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