Vetsense Odour & Stain Away 500ml


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Vetsense ODOUR & STAIN AWAY is formulated with natural enzymes to remove pets' urine, faeces and vomit.

- Leaves a fresh apple scent to applied surface
- Biodegradable
- Non-toxic formulation
- Alcohol free
- Applicable to carpets and other surfaces including timber floors
- Kills odours
- User friendly

Directions for use
Use paper towels to remove excess urine or waste. Do a colourfast test on a small are and then saturate the affected area. Allow to air dry. Repeat as required. When final application has dried, apply a small amount of water to the area and blot it up with paper towel. Insure that Odour & Stain Away remains wet and in contact with the urine deposits long enough for the bio-enzymes to complete their work on the urine crystals. Please not that using other cleaners or chemicals at the same time may reduce the effectiveness of Odour & Stain Away.

500mL Spray bottle

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