Vetafarm Parrot Deli-Treat 2.5kg


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Product Description
Parrot Deli-Treats contain a selection of quality seasonal sun dried fruits, peanut and almond chips, oat groats and double aspirated sunflower seeds. Deli-Treats are also topped with just the right amount of Vetafarm's award winning Nutriblend Pellets.

Recommended for: All Parrots

Can use with: Deli-Treats are to be used as a reward or treat for birds and should be used in conjunction with a recommended Vetafarm complete diet.

Key features: Contains a variety of high quality nutritional treats that provide stimulation to parrots

Directions: Deli-Treats should be included as part of a balanced diet.

Ingredients: These ingredients also offer a wide range of nutritional benefits including omega oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and calcium.

Pack size: 500g and 2.5Kg

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  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kilos
  • Product Brand: Vetafarm

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